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Script delivery is made by sending a download link to the customer's e-mail account or can be accessed via www.salihkus.net Customer Panel. If the customer has sent complete FTP information to the order note section while placing the order, free installation will take place.



Since our software is licensed to the domain and in the form of file delivery, there are no returns or exchanges. Therefore, please review our demo presentations in detail.

However, if the script has not reached the customer in any way, the sales transaction is canceled unconditionally and the credit is charged to the customer account as much as the order amount.



Since we are selling as a single license, license changes are not made free of charge. The software you have purchased is licensed to the domain written when ordering. Apart from this, you need to re-order to use the same software in another domain. You can review our Delivery Return and Exchange conditions. Free license exchanges are only made if the following conditions are met; 1-) You bought the software for demobi.info as an example, but you would later change your domain to demobi.net.tr or demobi.com, so in cases where the domain name is the same and the extension is different, a free license change is made. 2-) If there is a similarity between the domains, the license change is made free of charge. Example: You bought a license for demobi.net, then you changed your domain name to bidemo.net. In such cases, the license change is free of charge. In other cases, license changes cannot be made free of charge.



Our software is sold as a single license with a domain license. In our software, our theme codes are open source code, our panel and system codes are closed source code. In terms of license security, our panel and system codes cannot be opened as open source code in any way. Our customers do not have a right in this direction. All code becomes open source code only in our full license sales. Full license prices are separate, only single license prices are sold on our website. For full license prices, you need to send us a support request via our website.

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